Better to associate with sense enjoyers

One should give up the association of dharmadvajis, the hypocritically devout, with special care. Those who accept the external signs of dharma but do not actually follow dharma are called dharmadvajis. There are two types of dharmadvajis – the hypocrites and the fools, or the cheaters and the cheated. In devotional service this hypocrisy ruins everything.

Better to associate with sense enjoyers, for in this world there is no worse association than the dharmadvaji. The deceitful dharmadvajis accept the signs of dharma with a desire to cheat the world, and to fulfil their crooked desires they cheat the foolish by helping them in their rascaldom. Some of them become gurus and others become disciples, and by trickery they accumulate wealth, women, false prestige and material assets.

If one gives up the association of crooked hypocrites, then he can honestly engage in devotional service. Honest worship is the only way to attain Krsna’s mercy. As stated in Srimad-Bhagavatam (1.3.38; Suta Gosvami): “Only those who render unreserved [without hypocrisy] uninterrupted, favourable service unto the lotus feet of Lord Krsna can know the creator of the universe in His full glory, power and transcendence”

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura; Sri Bhaktyaloka, p. 37