But who is a Vaisnava?

” Devotee: usually we are talking about offending higher Vaisnavas. But what about offending lower Vaisnavas?

Srila Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaja: “But who is a Vaisnava? Low or high, everybody is a Vaisnava. When somebody was reporting to Raghunatha Batta Goswami against any Vaisnava, high or low, he used to reply,,’Sabe krishna bhajana kare-ei matra jane, vaisnavera nindya-karma nahi pade kane. Sir, I don’t want to hear it.

Everybody, you, he, all of you are doing bhajan, but I’m not doing bhajan. And the person about whom you are talking, he is also doing bhajan.’ Finished! Then that person would never come again to him with such reports.

That showed that he was at the level of a supermost sadhu. he was a mahatma, an uttama-bhagavata. Because unless you are not an uttama you cannot speak like that. He was saying, ‘Everybody is doing bhajan, but I’m not doing it. That shows that I’m the smallest Vaisnava.

‘One who speaks like that, who agrees to that, he is a Vaisnava.”

Sri Srimad Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Goswami

Everybody wants to fight….

Devotee: How to avoid politics amongst devotees?

Srila Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaja: “People cannot remain without politics. They will not do harinama, but in the name of harinama they will do politics. They will not repeat Nama.

They will not believe that Krishna is the only Personality Who can save us from all the calamities. They don’t believe it. They think that their will power, their own capacities, their qualifications or their tactics can save them. That’s why you find politics in the Institutions.

Wherever you will go you will find politics. This is kali. Kali means fighting. This is the age of wrangling. Everybody wants to fight….”

Srila Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Goswami Maharaja (Vrindavana 10-10-1992)